Hemming Uniforms:

Pants - $5.00

Sleeves - $5.00

Heavy duty fabric - $5.00 additional for each job

Sewing on patches:

Individual patches- $1.00 per patch

Heavy duty fabric - $1.50 per patch

New Students

Full Service - $10.00

 - Hem pants and sleeves

 - Sew on flag patch

 - Sew on Sidekicks patch upon earning orange belt

Contact Information

Sheryl Farrington          (269) 429-2549

Please leave name, phone number, and what class you are in (belt color).

I will pick up and drop off uniforms at Sidekicks.

Please pay by cash or check.

New Uniforms

Sew on all patches - $30.00

Heavy duty fabric - $10.00 additional